​Norseman Extreme Enduro Challenge. June 15th 2019.



​"Norseman Extreme Enduro Challenge" The hardest Enduro Challenge Norway gives you..

Norseman Extreme Enduro Challenge is the Norwegian alternative for the Swedish  "Battle of Vikings". But the Swedes think we are a bit more mean. If you are i doubt, just ask Morgan Rosell, the founder of Battle of Vikings. There is a sign reading "Morgans Breakdown" in the woods now... 


Our first NEEC, was held in august 2015. 

It is a easy consept. One lap is about 10 km. And made of natural obstacless in the woods, and some funny man made obstacles in the padoc area. The riders are suposed to ride 3 laps within 5 hours. 

30 kms in 5 hours sounds easy, dont it?  Well, think again!

Last year there were 19 riders who thougt they had balls big enough for the PRO Class.  Only 4 of them proved that they actually had.....


So if you think you got the skills. Keep on reading.. 


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