The Norseman track

Hell on two Wheels...

One lap is about 10 kms. Mostly forrest path, but also some nasty man made obstacles. This track has everything you deserve, exept for places to rest. 

At The Norseman Extreme Enduro Challenge, you will find some funny places: 

  • Hobby Killer

  • Devils Pit

  • Stairway to heaven

  • Got Balls?

  • Brokeback Mountain. 

  • Morgans Breakdown (Named after BOV Morgan Rosell)

  • Hobby Riders Nightmare

  • The Needleseye (Nåløyet)

  • Killer Hill.    (Mördarbakken)

  • Mental Breakdown

  • Kongo River

  • PRO Highway  (Se the Youtube Video belowr)

  • Walk in the Park

  • The Log  (Stokken) 

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